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Originally published by Oshkosh Northwestern - Oshkosh, WI

Letter to the Editor

Weekend musicians not leading glamorous lives

By Marc White

2008.02.21 -- When reading the Weekend section, some of you may get the impression that being a musician "in a band" is all glitz and glamour. That is so not the case. Most bar bands lifestyle leaves much to be desired. How do I know? Well, after finally getting some breaks along the way, I too "slugged it out" on the weekends! I'd like to focus on Mark Martin, Mike Underwood, Steven Cooper, and Andy Merten's (otherwise known as The Jazz Orgy), which lays it down strong every Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. until close! These "cats" are dedicated to their craft. A prime example of that dedication was Super Bowl Sunday when it was frigid out The Jazz Orgy showed up and played another great gig. This gig is one of the mainstays and a must hear IMO. I've been privileged to sit in and have performed gigs with some of the talented jazz pool that is The Jazz Orgy, Sundays at Peabody's Ale House. Be there, or sit on that couch and veg, the choice is yours! It's jazz-a-liscious. Get out!

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