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Originally published by Examiner.com - Green Bay, WI

Jazz Orgy arouses the crowd at Peabody’s Ale House

By Jenna Cornell

2011.10.07 -- It was your typical Sunday night. Most of us are recovering from the weekend and prepping for the work week ahead. But who said Sunday’s need to be typical? Every Sunday night from 9:30-1am, Jazz Orgy arouses the crowd at Peabody’s Ale House in Oshkosh. This talented group of musicians doesn’t just arouse the crowd, they intoxicate it.

As I settled in to my front row seat for this weekly installment of jazz, I anticipated a fantastic show and what I came away with was a phenomenal show. Sitting in a bar on a Sunday night until 1:00am made me feel like I was breaking the rules a bit. Shouldn’t I be home watching the latest episodes of the program line-up? Shouldn't I go to bed at 10pm so I can have a terrific nights rest?

What I should or should not have been doing was irrelevant. I was lost in music. For three and a half hours I didn’t care about TV, didn’t care about being at home in bed, and I definitely wasn’t worried about Monday morning coming way too soon.

The band played many well-known jazz favorites, but what Jazz Orgy does within their show can only be compared to the calculated randomness of a Jackson Pollack painting. The group hit the audience with intense solos from each of the musicians scattered between the songs. An improvisation might last a good 10 minutes and for those of us in the audience captivated by the music, we cheered them on to give us even more.

In addition to the regular gig, the night I was there they had a guest drummer along with their own drummer. The friendly competition between these two talented men was fun and nothing less than the finest drumming I have personally witnessed live. And although Peabody’s Ale House provides alcoholic drinks, no alcohol was needed for the euphoria I was under that night. Upon completion of their gig, I felt spellbound and wooed by this talented bunch of musicians. Like an addict desiring another fix, I knew I would be attending many more Sunday nights at Peabody’s Ale House for Jazz Orgy.

How do you spend your Sunday nights? Are you tired of the norm? Make an effort to come out and see Jazz Orgy. Their show begins at 9:30pm and you will not be disappointed. For more information on the members, current gigs, and to listen to some of there compositions you can visit their website directly at www.jazzorgy.com.

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