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Originally published by The Advance-Titan - Oshkosh, WI

Jazz Orgy members rotate but venue doesn’t

By Laith Msaibeeh

2011.10.26 -- Peabody's Ale House in Oshkosh has become virtually synonymous with live music, and no band has been more associated with Peabody's than the Jazz Orgy. For more than 10 years, Jazz Orgy has been performing at Peabody's Ale House on Sunday nights at 9:30 p.m., providing a jazzy soundtrack for the bar and its patrons.

Jazz Orgy has become such an integral presence at Peabody's that many flock to the bar on Sunday nights specifically to see them perform.

Scott Doemel, the bar manager at Peabody's Ale House, said that when Jazz Orgy comes to perform, it's full.
"Jazz Orgy makes Sunday nights at Peabody's the place to be," Doemel said. "For a Sunday night, especially a Sunday night at a bar, we're very busy when Jazz Orgy is here. People come from all over the state or even as far as Chicago to hear them."

Peabody's Ale House regular, Joe Neuser, echoed Doemer's sentiments regarding Jazz Orgy. "I personally really enjoy Jazz Orgy," Neuser said. "The whole atmosphere of Peabody's is nice and relaxing when they're performing. Because they perform in such a non-formal way, I think that most people would enjoy it."

Jazz Orgy's name comes from the unique style in which they perform. There are a number of consistent members, but also members who rotate in intermittently. In addition, Jazz Orgy hosts a number of special guests, providing the fodder for a musical orgy.

Mike Underwood, the full time drummer for Jazz Orgy, explains his experience with Jazz Orgy prior to becoming a member.
"I would see them perform and it would always be rockin'," Underwood said. "Everyone really enjoys Jazz Orgy, because it's such an accessible style of jazz. Even if somebody doesn't like jazz music, I think they would be able to enjoy Jazz Orgy."

Neuser said he believes that Jazz Orgy, along with other musical events, has helped Peabody's music friendly image.
"You can always expect music at Peabody's," Neuser said. "Inside or outside in the Sideyard during the summer months, I think the musical aspect of Peabody's definitely brings a lot of people in."

Peabody's bartender Danielle Hoy agreed adding that Jazz Orgy in particular brings in a more diverse crowd than other acts. "Certain people come to the bar exclusively to hear music, from Jazz Orgy or from any other live band that happens to be playing," she said.

Jazz Orgy has been playing at Peabody's Ale House routinely with such success for a number of years, and Doemel said he doesn't see their relationship ending at any tangible moment. "Jazz Orgy on Sunday nights at Peabody's will definitely not be stopping anytime soon," he said.

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